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Sotolon Selections is a unique portfolio focusing primarily on historic categories of aged, oxidative wine including Marsala; Rancio sec; French Vin Doux Naturel (Rivesaltes, Maury and Banyuls); Garnatxa d’Emporda; and Portuguese Vinho Generoso (Madeira and Carcavelos). In both process and expression, these represent links to some of our oldest winemaking traditions, their lineage extending back to the wines most prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans. They are wines transformed by time, by exposure to oxygen, and often heat, culminating in a complex “taste of age” and the trait known as “rancio”: the spicy, caramelized flavors in oxidative wines and spirits which—dry or sweet—can evoke roasted nuts; dried tropical fruit; tobacco, cocoa or coffee; and spices ranging from fenugreek to saffron to curry. Join us in exploring the taste of age!