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Categories: Gin/Gin Liqueur, Rum/Rum Liqueurs

The sun never set on the British Empire, and the empire’s far reaches brought exotic botanicals to the stills of London. Gin has been synonymous with both the highs and the lows of English society for more than three centuries, and the cocktail craze that captivated the late 1800s could never have happened without traditional styles of English gin, including Old Tom, Sloe and London Dry. And while gin has been taken up by the rest of the world, it remains that there is nothing quite like the genuine article—true English gin.

    Gin/Gin Liqueur
    Hayman’s London Dry Gin bottle

    Hayman’s London Dry Gin

    England 47.0% ABV

    47.0% ABV

    The benchmark of tradition, with a recipe and process unchanged in over a century. Hayman’s London Dry Gin gives a full dimensional London Dry profile, built from a mix of 10 botanicals, accented by a bit of citrus. This structure, along with the traditional 47% alcohol, allows Hayman’s London Dry to show full flavor and focus when diluted. This gin is unmatched as a base for the full range of classic gin cocktails, from high-dilution sours (such as the French 75) to striking Martinis at any proportion of gin to vermouth. The aromatic intensity of this gin makes it the ideal Martini gin, even at the classic 1:1 proportion. Full details

    Hayman’s London Dry Gin label
    Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin bottle

    Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin

    England 44.4% ABV

    44.4% ABV

    The Hayman family was the first gin distiller in London to use citrus as a key botanical more than 150 years ago. Hayman's Vibrant Citrus Gin has a rich juniper backbone complemented by the vivid aromas and flavors of distilled citrus: mandarin, pomelo, kumquat and Persian lime. The depth and brightness of this gin is the result of distilling the sun-dried fruit peels together with the classic ten Hayman’s botanicals, as part of a unique two-day process. Hayman's Vibrant Citrus adds zest to a Martini, a burst of freshness to a Gin and Tonic or Gin and Soda, or citric depth to any gin sour. Full details

    Hayman’s Vibrant Citrus Gin label
    Hayman’s Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin bottle

    Hayman’s Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin

    England 57.0% ABV

    57.0% ABV

    The Hayman family and its forebears have supplied this very same bright and robust gin to both the British Admiralty and trade from 1863. The family delivered to the Royal Dock of Deptford, the largest of the three Admiralty Victualling Yards. Bottled at “Navy Strength,” 100 proof by weight equating to 114 by volume, Royal Dock delivers flavor with efficiency where other gins wither in dilution, such as at outdoor patios or poolside. Enjoy with tonic or in a Gimlet with lime, sugar and ice. From the 10 Hayman’s botanicals, Royal Dock emphasizes angelica and coriander for pepperiness, and licorice root for a creamy texture. Full details

    Hayman’s Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin label
    Hayman’s Old Tom Gin bottle

    Hayman’s Old Tom Gin

    England 41.4% ABV

    41.4% ABV

    Hayman’s Old Tom Gin is a rich and rounded style of gin that was the gin of choice in the 19th Century, made to the family’s original recipe as then produced. Relative to London Dry Gin, the Old Tom style imparts a more complex and flavorful taste experience, with a slight sweetness that pleasantly rounds out the botanical base. From the 10 Hayman’s botanicals, the Old Tom Gin emphasizes juniper and two types of cinnamon. Old Tom gin is the key ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Martinez, Tom Collins and Ramos Gin Fizz. Its depth and rich profile make for an ideal Aviation or French 75. Full details

    Hayman’s Old Tom Gin label
    Hayman’s Sloe Gin bottle

    Hayman’s Sloe Gin

    England 26.0% ABV

    26.0% ABV

    A traditional English liqueur made by infusing gin with the sloe berries of the Blackthorn tree which grows throughout the British Isles. Hayman’s Sloe Gin is made from a family recipe dating back many generations. Wild English sloe berries are gently steeped for several months with Hayman’s London Dry Gin before blending with just a little natural sugar to create this rich liqueur. Hayman’s adds no additional colors, vanilla, or other flavors. To the taste it is a rich ruby with bittersweet berry flavors and hints of cinnamon, clove and ginger. Drink in classic cocktails, sparkling wine, or with soda in a traditional fizz. Full details

    Hayman’s Sloe Gin label
    Rum/Rum Liqueurs
    Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum bottle

    Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum

    England (Jamaica) 57.0% ABV

    57.0% ABV

    Smith & Cross Jamaica Rum contains only Wedderburn and Plummer pot still distillates, famous for their notes of caramelized banana, exotic fruits and spice and earthy finish. This is old-school rum, without the now-common influence of other wines and spirits, chill filtration, excess dilution, or added sugar. The complexity and flavor depth of this Navy Strength (57%) rum makes it a cornerstone of classic rum drinks, and the best Jamaican rum for providing the richness that punches and Tiki drinks require. The mark of Smith & Cross traces its lineage to 1788 as one of England’s most prominent handlers of Jamaica Rum. Full details

    Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum label