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Domaine Jorel

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Manuel Jorel established his tiny domain in 2000 on the western edge of the upper Agly Valley in Roussillon. He began with the purchase of a few parcels of very old-vine Macabeu in Maury and has slowly expanded his holdings to include old-vine Grenache and Carignan, as well as Mourvèdre, Malvosie (Tourbat) and Muscat de Alexandria in neighboring Lesquerde. The vineyards now stand at just seven hectares; everything is done "by hand." Jorel vinifies the wine in the converted cellars below his adoptive home, a former grocer’s shop down the narrow Rue Arago in Saint-Paul-de Fenouillet, west of Maury. While the thoughtful and humble Jorel eschews such terms, production is "organic" and farmed with the belief that minimal inputs, both in the vineyard and in the cellar, result in the highest-quality wines. His 2003 "La Garrique" Rancio sec is a testament to that approach.

    Domaine Jorel ‘La Garrigue’ Rancio Sec 2003 bottle

    Domaine Jorel ‘La Garrigue’ Rancio Sec 2003

    FranceRoussillonCôtes Catalanes IGP 16.0% ABV

    16.0% ABV • Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

    Manuel Jorel’s first Rancio sec was the result of the scorching 2003 vintage and amongst the most unique in the Sotolon Selections portfolio. His small parcel of Macabeu grapes began to shrivel on the vine; he picked the grapes and set about making an ‘orange wine’ with them, leaving the emerging wine on the skins for 28 days. It began to oxidize and he feared the wine lost, but with the advice of an old-timer, he racked the wine into old Rivesaltes casks in the corner of his second cellar (which then doubled as a garage, or garrique). Full details

    Domaine Jorel ‘La Garrigue’ Rancio Sec 2003 label