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Arnaud de Villeneuve

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Based in the town of Rivesaltes, the Arnaud de Villeneuve cooperative was established in 2007, when the Caves de Salses (est. 1909) and Cellars de Rivesaltes (1932) merged together. Its membership includes over 300 vignerons farming more than 2000 hectares, incorporating a diverse array of climates and soils in the Côtes Catalanes IGP. Arnaud de Villeneuve is most celebrated for its oxidative wines, especially for the Rivesaltes ambré and Rancio secs made under the auspices of Roussillon legend Fernand Baixas (now in "retirement" at Domaine de Rombeau). Current winemakers Jean-Pierre Papy and Anne Tixier continue the distinctive regimen established under Baixas.

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal Dos’ Rancio bottle

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal Dos’ Rancio

    FranceRoussillonCôtes Catalanes IGP 17.0% ABV

    17.0% ABV • Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

    A Catalan tradition, Rancio wines such as this predate the modern conception of wine and viticulture. This wine’s rustic character begins with a full fermentation and evolves first in glass demijohns and then in used oak barrels, which are partially filled and often out in the sun. Owing to the process, the climate, and character of the grapes, the wine is oxidative and rich with earth, smoke and mushroom notes. This wine has aged over 5 years in barrels that formerly housed the eponymous wine of its village, lending a unique depth. Enjoy with cured meats and cheeses, or with rich creamy desserts. Serve either lightly chilled or at cellar temperature. Full details

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal Dos’ Rancio label
    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal’ Rancio NV bottle

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal’ Rancio NV

    FranceRoussillonCôtes Catalanes IGP 17.0% ABV

    17.0% ABV • Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal’ Rancio is the last Rancio produced by legendary Roussillon winemaker Fernand Baixas at Arnaud de Villeneuve, prior to his "retirement." (He can now be found with other raconteurs at nearby Domaine de Rombeau.) The blend is 100% Grenache blanc from the 2002 and 2003 vintages, exposed to the elements in glass demijohns for 18 months, then returned to the cellars to rest in old foudres and barrique for an additional 10 years. Full details

    Tresmontaine ‘Tabacal’ Rancio NV label