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Vintages & Age Statements for 1954

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H&H Boal Madeira 1954 bottle

H&H Boal Madeira 1954

PortugalMadeira DOC 20.0% ABV

20.0% ABV • Fortified, Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

“The bouquet is outstanding, as it offers up a deep and complex blend of heather, orange zest, cherries, peaches, a bit of garrigue, honey cake, salty soil tones and a touch of new leather. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, complex and powerfully built in style, with a rock solid core, tangy acids that are beautifully buried in sweetness and outstanding grip and balance on the very long finish that closes with a nice touch of savory nuances ... There is an awful lot to like in this very long and very complex wine.” —John Gilman, “View from the Cellar” Full details

H&H Boal Madeira 1954 label
H&H Malvazia Madeira 1954 bottle

H&H Malvazia Madeira 1954

PortugalMadeira DOC 20.0% ABV

20.0% ABV • Fortified, Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

“As we taste the 1954 Malmsey we are reminded of the local saying about the Malvazia grape: ‘Don't eat them, don't give them away, for wine God made them.’ The wine is beginning to show a bit of rancio character, with earthy notes, exotic spices, molasses and brown sugar, backed up with a tangy fresh acidity that helps the wine retain balance; on the palate, the wine is elegant yet so thick it is almost viscous. Delicious wine.” (Charles Curtis, MW) Among the classic grape varieties on the island, Malvasia is the sweetest and most unctuous. Full details

H&H Malvazia Madeira 1954 label
H&H Terrantez Madeira 1954 bottle

H&H Terrantez Madeira 1954

PortugalMadeira DOC 20.0% ABV

20.0% ABV • Fortified, Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

Medium-dark brown with a tiny hint of garnet. Explodes on the nose, with blood orange, hot bricks, bitter orange, overripe banana, and plenty of lift. Spectacular texture, creamy but with little hint of sweetness, pumping out flavors of dark citrus, salty toffee, very fine oolong, and turning a tiny bit sweeter toward the back, with the characteristic citrus tang of the variety. A pleasing and energizing bitterness frames the finish, which is endless and citric, with some characteristics of greengages and highland Scotch. Tremendous. Full details

H&H Terrantez Madeira 1954 label
Domaine de Rombeau Rivesaltes Rancio 1954 bottle

Domaine de Rombeau Rivesaltes Rancio 1954

FranceRoussillonRivesaltes AOP 19.5% ABV

19.5% ABV • Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

Domaine de Rombeau is renowned for having one of the most replete libraries of old Rivesaltes in the region, with wines dating back to the early 20th century. The wines highlight indigenous varieties Grenache blanc, Grenache gris and Macabeu, as well as the varied elevage—with wines aged in glass demijohns and ancient barrique, indoors and out—that sets Roussillon apart. Some vintages slumbered in barrel for more than 50 years, and the ascription ‘Rancio’ denotes the prized characteristics that the wines assume over decades. Hand-picked from single barrels in minute quantities, these wines offer a glimpse into the celebrated history of the appellation. Full details

Domaine de Rombeau Rivesaltes Rancio 1954 label