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Vintages & Age Statements for 1934

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H&H Verdelho Madeira 1934 bottle

H&H Verdelho Madeira 1934

PortugalMadeira DOC 20.0% ABV

20.0% ABV • Fortified, Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

Medium red-brown with significant fine sediment. Intense, lifted nose that broadens insanely at the second sniff. Old Pu-erh, overripe pippin apples, some old calvados notes on the nose, continuing to get deeper with each sniff. Tremendous integration on the palate, befitting the time in bottle. Black lime, mace, old sauvignon blanc character, building, only a tiny bit of nuttiness on the end, even a bit of dried flowers and old Riesling. Feels very dry, and slowly darkens as the finish lingers for several minutes. Tremendously bright, likely in need of air. Full details

H&H Verdelho Madeira 1934 label