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  • Notes of Mugo Pine, wild blueberry and smoke
  • Lush texture; rich wine base
  • Serve neat or spritz with tonic, soda or sparkling lemonade
  • Mix in cocktails with bourbon, rye or brandy
  • Venerable producer of aperitivi and amari in Alto Adige

Pasubio is a true taste of the Dolomite Mountains in the Trentino region. On a base of rich aged wine you’ll find notes of blueberries, pine and smoke, together with bitter alpine herbs. It is rare among amari to feature mountain berries. The recipe from Giuseppe Cappelletti dates back to the early 20th century and is among the Erboristeria’s first amari. Traditionally enjoyed neat, typically at cellar temperature or chilled. Pasubio makes simple and delicious spritzes with tonic, soda, sparkling lemonade, or bitter lemon. Also pairs well in mixed drinks with bourbon, rye, or brandy.

Native to the high mountains of southwestern to Central Europe, the Mugo Pine (pinus mugo) grows on rocky upland slopes constantly exposed to the elements. In springtime, its buds and young cones are harvested from the wild and left to dry in the sun over the summer and into the fall. Like many alpine plants, the Mugo Pine evolved from an ancient herbal remedy to a traditional flavoring of amari as well as eau-de-vie and liqueur. It gives Amaro Pasubio a flavor profile evocative of the region.

unopened, store verticallyunopened, store vertically
keeps 0-2 years
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keeps 2-3 weeks
(room temp)
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2 oz. pour

About Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti

The producer, which goes by the full name Antica Erboristeria Cappelletti, was first established in 1906. For most of their first century they were located in the historic Piazza Fiera in the center of Trento. Today they are located 20 km south of Trento in Aldeno, surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards. As the name would suggest, the firm was and is still today focused on products from traditional herbs, roots and flowers. They achieved fame in the region for their productions of amari and aperitivi, including the classic red bitter Aperitivo Cappelletti. All production is done in house by the fourth generation of the family, Luigi and Maddalena Cappelletti. Full details

About Vino Amaro

Outside of the “big three” of wormwood, gentian, and quinine, herbalists worldwide have used many flavors as the backbones of aromatized wines. Many of these wines no longer exist, and many of those flavorings have moved into spirit-based amari and liqueurs. A few examples of “vino amaro,” or wine-based amaro, still exist, and use herbal flavors that are harmonious and familiar to traditional drinkers worldwide. Because of their wine base, these products have vinous texture and a depth of flavor that add a welcome breadth when used in mixed drinks. Full details

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Little Dolomite

Build in a double rocks glass with ice:

1.5 oz Pasubio Vino Amaro

1.5 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth

Garnish with cucumber slice & thyme sprig

Lower Heights

Stir with ice:

2 oz Cardamaro

1 oz Pasubio Vino Amaro

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Strain into a coupe.

Garnish with an orange peel.

Purple Martin

Stir with ice:

.75 oz Pasubio Vino Amaro

.75 oz Hayman’s Sloe Gin

1.5 oz The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum

Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

Return of the King

Stir with ice:

2 oz single grain scotch or bourbon

.5 oz Pasubio Vino Amaro

.5 oz Punt e Mes

Strain into a coupe.

Garnish with a lemon twist.


Stir with ice:

1 oz bourbon

1 oz Pasubio Vino Amaro

1 oz Dolin Rouge

Strain into a coupe.

Garnish with an orange twist.

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