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Averell Damson Gin

  • Naturally flavored and colored with Damson plums from New York
  • The Damsons are blended with small-batch American gin
  • Mid-weight ABV, square in the tradition of English gin "cups"
  • Mix over ice with bitter lemon soda or ginger beer
  • Use in a classic sour topped with club soda
  • Dried fruit and sweet spice notes enhance stirred drinks

The Damson Plum made its way to North America with early settlers. Historically famous in jams, brandy and gin, these small, tart, crimson plums have become rare, losing ground to larger and sweeter cultivated varieties. The plums in our Damson Gin Liqueur are barrel pressed to extract the juice along with the rich color of the skins, then blended with a small-batch American gin. The result is an exceptionally bold and bright liqueur, delicious in classic fizzes, with ginger beer, or with Dolin dry vermouth. Along with a limited stock of Damson jam, this is made with each harvest in upstate New York.

Averell offers a wide range of pleasure due to its mid-weight alcohol content. Try showcasing it in a two-ingredient refresher such as Averell with bitter lemon soda or ginger beer served over ice in a tall glass. Or take it one step further by creating a classic sour with lemon, egg white and club soda. Using Averell in stirred drinks gives dried fruit and sweet spice components, which can be useful with pork, poultry and delicate game birds.

keeps 0-3 years
keeps 1-2 years
(room temp)
pour varies

About American Gin Company

The New York-based American Gin Company produces small-batch gin and Averell Damson Gin Liqueur. Full details

About Gin/Gin Liqueur

Gin is a neutral spirit flavored with juniper and various botanicals, including coriander, angelica and lemon and orange peel. It is rooted in the 15th-century Dutch juniper spirit Genever, whose malt-forward character contrasts with descendant gins such as Old Tom (lightly sweetened, rounded) London dry (sharp, angular, dry), Plymouth (mild, flavorful), Navy (potent and intense) and New West/Modern (neo-classic to unique). Gin has long been used in Great Britain as the base for fruit, floral and herb liqueurs, giving rise to the warm-weather tradition of gin “cups.” Full details

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Cayuga Cup

Build in a collins glass filled with ice:
2 oz Averell Damson Gin
3 oz ginger ale, lemon soda, orange soda or lime soda
Garnish with seasonal fruit, a slice of cucumber, and a lemon wedge.

Count of Mount Kisco

Stir with ice:
1 oz Averell Damson Gin
1 oz Dolin Dry Vermouth de Chambéry
1 oz Salers Gentian Apéritif
Strain into a double rocks glass filled with ice.
Garnish with a grapefruit peel.

Damson-Pisco Sour

Dry shake:
1 oz Averell Damson Gin
1 oz pisco
0.5 oz lime juice
0.5 oz agave nectar
1 egg white
Shake again with ice.
Strain into a coupe.
Garnish with Chuncho Amargo bitters dropped into the foam and swirled.

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HZ 1500NVNew YorkUSGin Liqueur33.0%750/12T Cap0949225250171009492252501416.00 kg