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Generally considered a part of the West Indies despite its location on the South American continent, Guyana has long been known for its hybrid Dutch-English colonial architecture, its famous cricketers, its sugar grown on the banks of the Demerara river, and its rum. While many rum brands list Guyana as origin, one company, Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL), distilled all of the rum. DDL has brought all of the famous stills of Guyana under one roof in the capital, Georgetown, including the famous wooden pot and column stills from the Port Mourant, Versailles, and Enmore estates.

      KRONAN Swedish Punsch bottle

      KRONAN Swedish Punsch

      Sweden (Java, Jamaica, Guyana) 26.0% ABV

      26.0% ABV

      Swedish Punsch is a liqueur of two histories—a national drink in Sweden, and a component of more than fifty classic cocktails. Made with rums from the West Indies (Demerara and Jamaica) and East Indies (Batavia Arrack) and numerous spice and bitter flavors, KRONAN has exceptional depth and complexity, particularly with a bit of citrus added. Use in the Doctor Cocktail, Diki-Diki, and Mabel Berra cocktails. With ice and a squeeze of lime, KRONAN is an ideal and easy afternoon drink, after dinner, or with cigars. Full details

      KRONAN Swedish Punsch label