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Vintages & Age Statements for 2011

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Domaine de Rombeau Rancio Sec 2011 bottle

Domaine de Rombeau Rancio Sec 2011

FranceRoussillonCôtes Catalanes IGP 16.5% ABV

16.5% ABV • Fully Oxidized, Oxidative

With its inviting, redolent nose, the 2011 vintage serves as an exemplary invitation to the world of Rancio sec, its notes of caramelized apricot, tamarind and tobacco leaf delivered in a manner that is strictly analog. It was vinified in tank with native yeasts, then transferred to an assortment of old barrels and glass demijohns for 12-18 months' aging outdoors. A portion was then returned to the cellars, which rest above ground and lack temperature control, while another portion remained in the "barrel park" until the time of blending and bottling in mid-2022. The wine combines roughly equal parts Grenache blanc, Grenache gris and Macabeu, with a tiny amount of Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains.

This wine can be enjoyed with all manner of tapas, with cheese; with wood-fired pork or curried lamb, and especially as a digestif. Shelf-stable, it should be served lightly chilled or at cellar temperature. Full details

Domaine de Rombeau Rancio Sec 2011 label
Etter 'VOWI' Kirsch Eau-de-Vie 2011 bottle

Etter 'VOWI' Kirsch Eau-de-Vie 2011

SwitzerlandZug AOP 42.0% ABV

42.0% ABV

The unusual variety of sour cherry VOWI gives this Kirsch specialty an extraordinary flavour. In this bottle is distilled more than 15 pounds of VOWI cherries exclusively of the region surrounding Zug. During the long maturation period of 3-5 years in 50-liter demijohns, VOWI Kirsch develops into a pleasurable harmony of flavours. A most unusual Swiss Kirsch loved by a tiny handful of connoisseurs. Full details

Etter 'VOWI' Kirsch Eau-de-Vie 2011 label