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Vintages & Age Statements for 2006

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Domaine du Mas Blanc Banyuls ‘d’Antan’ 2006 bottle

Domaine du Mas Blanc Banyuls ‘d’Antan’ 2006

FranceRoussillonBanyuls AOP 17.5% ABV

17.5% ABV • Fortified, Oxidative

Recalling his grandfather’s fondness for the old wines aged in chestnut barrels, third-generation winemaker Jean-Michel Parcé commissioned two 500-liter barrels from a stand of chestnut trees on his cousin’s property in Roussillon. Once common in cellars throughout Europe, chestnut is now rarely found. More porous than oak, it requires greater attention on the part of the winemaker, but managed well it can impart structure married to a fat, exuberant, oxidative expression, full of generosity and rustic charm. Full details

Domaine du Mas Blanc Banyuls ‘d’Antan’ 2006 label