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Méthode Charmat

Also known as “cuve close,” méthode charmat is less involved than the “champagne method” and generally involves the following steps: primary fermentation and aging in tank; assemblage; tirage and secondary fermentation continue under pressure in tank, with minimal lees contact prior to dosage and bottling. Because it is cheaper, faster and far less labor-intensive, this is the preferred method for wines which emphasize their freshness and lack the capacity for aging and development in the bottle. The best expressions of these wines tend to be made on a smaller scale, with cooler, less rapid fermentations promoting greater complexity of flavor in the finished wine. Also known as Méthodo Italiano, some of its best-known expressions are Prosecco, Asti, Moscato d’Asti and Brachetto d’Acqui.

    Cocchi Piemonte Brut NV bottle

    Cocchi Piemonte Brut NV

    ItalyPiemontePiemonte DOC 12.0% ABV

    12.0% ABV • Méthode Charmat

    Cocchi employs a classic blend of estate pinot nero and chardonnay for this sparkling wine, which adds intricacy, cut, and intensity to the rich apple, pear, and floral notes. Ideal as an aperitif or to make a particularly nice Spritz. Full details

    Cocchi Piemonte Brut NV label
    Cocchi Asti NV bottle

    Cocchi Asti NV

    ItalyPiemonteAsti DOCG 7.0% ABV

    7.0% ABV • Méthode Charmat

    ASTI is produced by Cocchi through a slow fermentation in steel vats of the Moscato Bianco picked from the family’s Colline Astigiane vinyard in the Asti hills. Creamy and delicate to taste, with a very scented aroma. The label’s colors match the flags that parade at the start of the ‘Palio d’Asti’ festival. Full details

    Cocchi Asti NV label
    Cocchi Brachetto d’Acqui NV bottle

    Cocchi Brachetto d’Acqui NV

    ItalyPiemonteBrachetto d’Acqui DOCG 7.0% ABV

    7.0% ABV • Méthode Charmat

    Cocchi makes Brachetto d’Acqui after a slow, controlled fermentation of its estate Brachetto grapes in steel tanks. Cocchi Brachetto d’Acqui is drier, higher-acid, and more defined than virtually any other example on the market, but it still has the fun and fruit for accompanying sorbet or cookies. Full details

    Cocchi Brachetto d’Acqui NV label