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Etter Pear Williams Eau-de-Vie

Since 1870, the Etter family has been synonymous with fine Swiss eau-de-vie. In this bottle is distilled more than 10 pounds of fresh Williams pears from the right bank of the Rhône in the Canton of Valais. The brandy then gently evolves for years in glass demijohns before bottling. Pear brandy is famously enjoyed sipped neat after dinner, or as aperitif mixed with club soda. Add lime juice, sugar and club soda for a Pear Rickey highball.

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About Etter Soehne AG

The name Etter is synonymous worldwide with fine cherry brandy, or kirsch, as well as other clear fruit brandies, or eaux-de-vie. Paul Etter founded the distillery in the Swiss region of Zug in 1870. Etter remains a family-owned business, with the fourth generation, Eveline and Gabriel Galliker-Etter, taking the reins from longtime leader Hans Etter in 2012. Kirsch was the only expression produced by Etter until 1981, when the distillery started to expand its range. The brandies gently evolve for years in glass demijohns before bottling. This glass aging is essential to reveal the uncommon depth and richness of these spirits. The classic kirsch eau-de-vie is produced using small, black cherries sourced from the best locations around Lake Zug. Full details

About Fruit Brandy

Fruit brandy, or eau-de-vie (eaux-de-vie in the plural; "water of life" in translation), is brandy made with any fruit apart from grapes. Most commonly, orchard fruits such as apples, pears, plums, cherries and blackberries are harvested, crushed and fermented, and the resulting must distilled twice. Most eaux-de-vie are bottled without ageing to preserve the integrity of the fruit character. These spirits are an important part of cultures in areas of Europe where production is most common and traditional. Full details

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Calvados and Tonic

Build in collins glass:

1.5 oz calvados

0.5 oz Etter Pear Williams

Add ice.

Add 4 oz tonic water

Stir to combine.

Garnish with lemon twist.

Falling Leaves

Shake with ice:

2 oz dry riesling

1 oz Etter Pear Williams

0.5 oz curacao

0.25 oz honey syrup

1 dash peychaud’s bitters

Fine strain into cocktail coupe.

Garnish with star anise pod.


Whisk to combine in cocktail shaker:

0.75 oz Etter Pear Williams

0.75 oz vodka

1 cup lemon sorbet

2 oz prosecco

Pour into double rocks glass.

Garnish with mint sprig.

Triangle Highball

Build in highball glass:

0.5 oz Etter Pear Williams

0.5 oz Salers Gentiane

0.5 oz triple sec


Half fill ice.

3 oz club soda

Fill with ice.

Stir to combine.

Express & discard orange peel.

Garnish with mint sprig.

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