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The closing of the Caroni distillery in 2002 marked the end of pure pot-still rum from Trinidad. The local thirst for flavorful rum has not abated, however, and the remaining column-still facilities on the island continue to set aside a portion of their production time for higher-ester rums for drinking and for perfume. At Haus Alpenz, we love flavorful rum, and we are delighted to continue bringing Trinidad’s finest at a strength perfect for sipping or mixing.

      The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum bottle

      The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum

      West IndiesTrinidad 49.0% ABV

      49.0% ABV

      Scarlet Ibis is a blend of three- to five-year aged Trinidad rums, with classic flavors of toffee, tobacco, and dark honey on a firm, dry backbone. This is old-school rum, without the now-common influence of other wines and spirits, chill filtration, excess dilution, or added sugar. Scarlet Ibis shines in a Corn 'n' Oil, Palmetto (Rum Manhattan), and Mai Tai, as well as in simple sour drinks. This project, named for the national bird of Trinidad, was originally commissioned and blend-selected by Death & Co in New York. Full details

      The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum label