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An example of the Peach Whiskey Sour, the mixed drink (drink) featuring bourbon whiskey, Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur, egg white, lemon juice, simple syrup, and orange twist; photo by Lee Edwards

 Peach Whiskey Sour

Dry shake:

1.5 oz bourbon

1 oz Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur

0.75 oz lemon juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

1 egg white

Shake again with ice.

Strain into a double rocks glass filled with ice.

Garnish with an orange peel.

Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur bottle

Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur

AustriaOberosterreich 24.0% ABV

24.0% ABV

The Oststeiermark region boasts a variety of peaches, including the Roter Ellerstadter, Weinberg and Haven. The liqueur combines juices from the seasonal harvest of these peaches with an eau-de-vie produced from the same fruit. The result captures not just the fragrant aromas of fresh peaches but also the natural acidity and a touch of the peach bitter. Delicious with soda water, wheat beer, or sparkling wine; stunning in mixed drinks with bourbon, rye or rum. Full details

Rothman & Winter Orchard Peach Liqueur label

SKU Vintage Region Origin Desc Cepage % Alc Size/Pack Finish BTL Barcode Cs Barcode Cs Wgt
HZ 7015NVOberösterreichATLiqueur; Fruit24.0%750/12screwcap9024153040523902415304552816.30 kg