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 Basil South Side Cocktail

Shake with ice:

1 oz blanco tequila

1 oz Salers Gentian Apéritif

1 oz lime juice

6 basil leaves

Strain into a coupe.

Garnish with a lime wheel and basil leaf.

Salers Gentian Apéritif

Salers Gentian Apéritif


16.0% Alc/Vol

One of the most classic French aperitifs is a pour of gentiane liqueur on the rocks with a squeeze of lemon. Salers is the oldest gentian liqueur of the Massif Central, birthplace to this style of product. It distinguishes itself with a pure, firm, rustic earthy profile. Unlike its larger rivals, Salers is less sweet and does not add artificial yellow color, revealing a beautiful natural straw color. Enjoy with ice and lemon, lemonade, in the Blond Negroni with gin and Dolin blanc, or as an earthy base note in a variety of cocktails. With the addition of a pinch of salt, Salers takes on herbal, tequila-like flavors. Full details

Salers Gentian Apéritif
Salers Gentian Apéritif
SKU Vintage Region Origin Desc Cepage % Alc Size/Pack Finish BTL Barcode Cs Barcode Cs Wgt
HZ 3700NVFranceFRLiqueur; Herbal16.0%750/12T Cap6 45225 43091 36 45225 43093 114.70 kg