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Chão do Prado Bucelas 2020

A signature wine of Bucelas with great dimension, with notes of tart calamansi orange, grilled apricot and roasted nuts. Its lively character complements all manner of fish and seafood, fried chicken or dry-rubbed pork. In its home region, it is famously served with roasted garlic rabbit.


All varieties harvested at the same time. After pressing left for 24hrs at low temp, before fermentation begins, and kept to a max of 15-17 C. All tanks are outside in a shaded structure, where the finished wines will slumber for 1 year without temperature control. The diurnal imprint combined with small exposure to air lends the wine a light nuttiness. Annual production of 8000L. Alcohol Content: 13.1%; Total Acidity: 7.2g/l; pH: 3.08

unopened, store horizontallyunopened, store horizontally
keeps until 2030
once openedonce opened
keeps 2-3 days
serving suggestionserving suggestion
5-6 oz. pour

About Chão do Prado

Descendents of João Camill Alves have owned the property at the northern edge of Bucelas village for over 150 years. They have been growers for 4 generations, and vinifying since 1991. The current growing area is 7.5 hectares, with an additional 1 hectare in rehabilitation after damage by local fauna. The oldest plantings have been in place for at least 30 years. Overall, the vines consist of 85% Arinto, 10% Sercial, 5% Rabo de Ovelha. This vineyard is at elevation and particularly arid, without any wells or irrigation. Father and son owners share the name António Pinto, and they work together with longtime winemaker Paulo Laureano. Full details

About Bucelas DOC

The Bucelas region is located about 25 kilometers north of Lisbon, surrounded by mountains in the valley of the Trancão River. It benefits from a specific micro-climate: damp and cold in winter but temperate in summer, with hot and dry days and cooler nights. The oldest vineyards are found in the traditional ‘caeiras’, basins and rolling hills in the lower valleys. Here the soil is calcareous loam and crystalline limestone, where one finds fossils from the nearby Atlantic ocean. The white grape Arinto has grown in the region for centuries. Referenced by Shakespeare in Henry VI as ‘Charneco’, the wine was renowned in the English court, where it was also known as ‘Lisbon Hock’ and later as ‘Bucellas’. The region was fiercely contested during the Napoleonic invasions (1810s), and fortifications, the Lines of the Torres Vedras, still dot the landscape with stations and lookouts today. In the late 19th century, production and exports blossomed when João Camillo Alves brought renewed attention to Bucelas wines and its scenic vineyards. The demarcated region of Bucelas was created in 1911, encompassing specific localities: Bucelas, Charneca, Vila de Rei, Bemposta, Santo Aleixo, Vila Nova, Chamboeira and Freixial. Rules then and now require the wine to be principally of Arinto grapes, although a small portion of Esgana-Cão (Sercial) and Rabo de Ovelha is permitted. Recognized as the ‘Capital of Arinto’, Bucelas is the only demarcated region in Portugal that is strictly white wine. As red wine came to dominate the domestic market in Portugal, production of Bucelas wine declined. Today eight grower/producers remain. In recognition of its heritage, the region is included on the Wine Route of Bucelas, Carcavelos and Colares – the three historic wines from Lisbon.
SKU Vintage Region Origin Desc Cepage % Alc Size/Pack Finish BTL Barcode Cs Barcode Cs Wgt
HZ 6102-202020LisboaPTWhite WineArinto, Sercial12.5%750/12cork56003094491015600309443123

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