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Gin/Gin Liqueur of New York

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    Averell Damson Gin

    Averell Damson Gin

    New York

    33.0% Alc/Vol

    The Damson Plum made its way to North America with early settlers. Historically famous in jams, brandy and gin, these small, tart, crimson plums have become rare, losing ground to larger and sweeter cultivated varieties. The plums in our Damson Gin Liqueur are barrel pressed to extract the juice along with the rich color of the skins, then blended with a small-batch American gin. The result is an exceptionally bold and bright liqueur, delicious in classic fizzes, with ginger beer, or with Dolin dry vermouth. Along with a limited stock of Damson jam, this is made with each harvest in upstate New York. Full details

    Averell Damson Gin
    Averell Damson Gin