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 Love Child #2

Shake with ice:

1.5 oz Old Duff Genever

1 oz Henriques & Henriques ‘Seco Especial’ 5-Year Madeira

0.5 oz Dolin Génépy le Chamois

0.5 oz honey

0.5 oz lemon juice

Fine strain over ice in rocks glass.

Garnish with lemon and orange peels.

Adapted from Tanner Koza, Buffalo, NY

Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur

Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur

FranceSavoie 45.0% ABV

45.0% ABV

Génépy (sometimes spelled Génépi) is a legendary alpine herbal liqueur that dates back many hundreds of years. While comprised of a multitude of alpine herbs, the most prominent is Génépy, a petite variety of artemesia (often translated into English as “mountain sage”) found principally in the high mountains of the Savoy. Its bright herbal and fresh flavors have long been associated with the mountain air and adventure. Today it is still the darling of French ski resorts and fine dining, served on the rocks or with tonic water, and very welcome after a fondue. Using its own alembic still, Dolin has made this Génépy from local farmers’ herbs since 1821. Full details

Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur
Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur

SKU Vintage Region Origin Desc Cepage % Alc Size/Pack Finish BTL Barcode Cs Barcode Cs Wgt
HZ 9575NVSavoieFRLiqueur; Herbal45.0%750/12screwcap32745100036161327451000361315.30 kg