About Destillerie Purkhart
The Steyr-Stein, Oberösterreich. Since 1932 the Purkhart family has produced award winning eaux-de-vie (brandy or "brand"), schnaps and liqueurs. Renowned for his exacting standards and consistent quality, Günter Purkhart has taught distillation technique to many of today's leading producers. Capturing elegance of ripe fruit and authentic regional tastes is a family passion.

Eau-de-Vie Brandy
Destillerie Purkhart, Steyr
40% Alc./Vol.(80 proof)
Distilled and Bottled in Austria

This eau-de-vie uses only ‘Williams’ pears grown in South Tirol (Südtirol or Alto Adige), providing an opulent and creamy ripe fruit fragrance. Lively and stimulating on the palate, this eau-de-vie reveals a depth of pear flavor that carries well into the finish. For over forty years the Purkhart family has crafted this delicate and beautifully balanced eau-de-vie to an exacting standard. Made only from distilled pears and water. 100% reines destillat Williamsbrand.



Pear Williams Purkhart is produced in a style common in the alps though seldom found elsehwhere. Whereas most eau-de-vie is focused on the mid-palate, finishing with a characteristic flash of heat, Pear Williams Purkhart is highly aromatic of ripe pear skin on the nose and finishes with a long pear fruit finish.




Imported by Haus Alpenz USA, Manhasset NY